Social Media

By Basel Akasha 19th August 2019
Social Media
How does social media affect our lives? And how should we use appropriately?

Who hasn’t got an account on social media sites nowadays? What do people think about those who don’t use social media?

Social media has become a part of everybody’s life, nobody can imagine what could happen if social media platforms shut down forever. We all see how people react when a big social media platform stop working for an hour or two. Even news talk about that “terrible” incident. It’s basically like water for people.

We all heard the saying “The internet made the world like a small village”. But the internet didn’t stop there, it made a different world. A virtual world.

What are social media disadvantages?

Most people who use social media are teenagers and this part of society is more likely to get affected by social media problems.

The content on social media is not always filtered. As anyone can open an account using a fake name and a fake personality. And anyone can promote ideas which have unpleasant effects on the people life.

Another big disadvantage is that people spend a lot of time on social media, which causes people to lose their time. And that might affect their real social life. As they don’t spend enough time with their family and friends.

How can we invest in social media in good things?

Social media could be useful if we invest it properly. The main purpose of social media supposed to be making communications easier. Social media is useful when we use it sensibly.

Also, we can use social media to learn good things and be involved in helpful online groups so that we can ask questions.

Thank you for reading.

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