Volunteer Work

By Basel Akasha 15th August 2019
Volunteer Work
A short article about volunteer work. Why is volunteer work important?

Volunteer work is the work you do without expecting any money. It’s work from your heart.  

Why is volunteer work important? 

Well, the importance of volunteer work comes when we think about the community. In general, it will help to improve our communities and the country. 

How will it help me? 

Although volunteer work mainly helps the country and community, it also helps you.  

In a very popular scenario, students graduate from universities and directly applying to a job. And it’s unlikely that they can get it.  

Why? Because of their lack of work experience, which is the thing that all companies and organizations require. And by work experience, I mean skills such as communication skills, teamwork or time management. You can gain this type of skill from any work you do, so that’s mean the work doesn’t need to be related to your future job.   

What type of volunteer work can I do? 

As I mentioned before volunteer work doesn’t have to be related to your future job – it would be better if it is related. But you might not find related volunteer work, so I suggest choosing a type of work that’s you are interested in. 

For example: If you cycle in your free time, you can volunteer in a bike shop. 

It’s very important to love what you are doing. Remember “it’s work from your heart” 

When do we need voluntary work? 

Sometimes volunteer work is necessary. Our world is not always safe. There are a lot of disasters that happened in the past and might happen in the future. In these situations, we need people who volunteer to help. 

I hope this article helps somebody. 

Thank you for reading. 

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