The Road Ahead by Bill Gates

By Basel Akasha 26th August 2019
The Road Ahead by Bill Gates
The Road Ahead. A book written by Bill Gate. The founder of Microsoft.

The Road Ahead is a book which was written by Bill Gates, the founder and then the CEO of Microsoft. The book was published in November 1995, then substantially revised about a year later.

Bill Gates started the book by his story of writing his first program. And how difficult it was to write a program on an old heavy computer. Although it was difficult to use computers at that time, Bil and his friends found it so interesting to deal with these machines.

“Computers are great because when you are working with them you get immediate results that let you know if your program works. It’s feedback you don’t get from many other things.”
-Bill Gates

Then Bill Gates began to tell us his expectations about the “future” of information technology. It’s been estimated 25 years after this book was published and Bill Gates’ prediction in computing and communication is happening drastically.

He expected the exists of social media sites and how easy would the communication be. And how easy it would be to find information on the internet.

He also expected that the internet would take a big part of our life and everything would be done on the internet.

The book also tells how information technology has changed over time. From the beginning of the computers when people thought that computers were just noisy machines without benefits. Until when the first personal computer realized.

The book is really good to read and inspiring.

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