5 Tips on Writing Notes Efficiently

By Basel Akasha 18th August 2019
5 Tips on Writing Notes Efficiently
How to write good notes efficiently

No doubt, writing notes is a very useful thing. Everyone knows what notes are. But does everyone know how to write efficient notes that can be used smoothly?

Notes can be used in many different purposes. You can use notes for the everyday tasks, you can take notes about a lecture or you can write notes to prepare writing a story or an article.

Tip #1: Don’t write full sentences

Don’t write full sentences, use bullet points instead. In most situations, we write notes to let us remember something. So write things that remind you of the thing you want to remember.

For example:
“Meet my friend Emma at 09:00 at the near cafe
becomes “Emma 09:00 the near cafe”

Notice that we didn’t cut off the information, we just made the sentence shorter.

Tip #2: Split your notes into categories

If you are using a notebook to write notes about your tasks, don’t stack everything in one page. Put your notes into categories in different pages. For example My college, Home, Children, My project …..

Tip #3: Cross out the notes you don’t longer need

When you finish using some notes cross them out, so you can focus on the important notes.
But make sure you can read the notes even when they are crossed out, in case you need them later.

Tip #4: Your notes don’t have to be “neat”

If you are a messy person, that doesn’t block you to write notes. It’s important to write organized notes so you can retrieve them easily later. But don’t take it too much on writing fancy notes.

Tip #5: use your favourite tools

Make sure you are comfortable with the tool you use. If you take notes using modern ways (electronically) use the application that you feel comfortable to it.
If you prefer the old school way -like me, use the right pen and book.
I personally prefer to use big notebooks, and a black pen. Your tools don’t have to be expensive. Just need to be suitable.

Personalise your notebook so you feel that it related to you. For example, stick some stickers to your notebook.

I hope these tips help you. Thank you for reading.

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